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Consider an Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Fire is one of the earliest dating technologies embraced by human kind. Beyond providing the necessities of warmth and light, it also has opened the door to cooking and even serves as a beacon for social gatherings.

As time went on, people wanted to contain mess of the ashes and direct the smoke out of there home, and thus the fireplace was born. This drastically decreased the levels of smog in every day living.

These days however, it can be tough to have a fireplace installed in your home. If your house was not built with a chimney, it can be an extremely expensive renovation. Moreover, building a chimney can be downright impractical – particularly for those living in apartments, condominiums, or any rental property. That is where electric fireplaces can come in handy.

Electric fireplaces obviously have no requirement for a chimney, yet they still emit quite a bit of heat than can make your home cozy through the cold winter months or even chilly fall evenings. As an added bonus, some of them look really cool. You can often change the flame style, as well as choose from an assortment for flame colors (blue, green, purple!). You can also choose the more traditional style faux logs for your faux hearth, or you can opt for something more trendy like pebbles or marbles.

Another benefit of electric fireplaces is the flexibility for installation. You can mount them directly on the wall, which is a very easy install option. If you have the time, money, or effort, you can one up the wall mount installation with a recessed installation – that is, building the electric fireplace right into the wall so that it is flush mounted. This can look luxurious. Or, if your house already has a chimney and hearth, you can opt for an electric fireplace insert, which can even look and feel like the real thing if you choose an appropriate model. And finally, if you’re tight on space or you’re just looking for the absolute simplest installation option, you can just get a freestanding electric fireplace. These can range from being built into a piece of furniture, such as a TV stand, or they can be built with a stand much like a flatscreen TV. There’s really an option to suit everyone’s needs. For more information, see this page on how to install an electric fireplace.

If you’ve never seen one of these modern electric fireplaces in action, you should keep an eye out. While they don’t quite have the homey feeling of a tried and true fireplace – they lack the smell of the wood, and the sound of the crackling wood – they can be a convenient and even luxurious alternative to the age old technology. Take a look next time you’re in a home improvement store, maybe you’ll be surprised to find a nice electric fireplace that will perfectly compliment your home.

There’s more to come, but we have to start somewhere. Thanks for reading this far, we really appreciate it! We hope you have the very best day today and always.